Skinny people are much better - overweight as an obstacle

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Skinny people are much better - overweight as an obstacle

Body Positivity you hear it everywhere, but that's a joke. 

The gag is not body positivity, but rather the fact that it is talked about everywhere, but in reality nobody is interested.

Again and again you experience things and situations that clearly show how many thin people feel superior to overweight people. That alone is absurd, because no one is better than another. The wisdom behind this is a mystery and I've always wanted to know where this ridiculous idea came from.

I'm keenly interested in how many thin people have seen their supposedly inferior overweight achieve goals they only dream of and whether they give them respect for their achievements or just continue to talk about their weight.

Body Positivity

Obesity - a social phenomenon?

In general, our society - or parts of it - believe that only "thin" people are beautiful and successful. This is of course complete nonsense, because we all know charismatic overweight people who put everyone else in the shade as soon as they enter a room. While we all encounter thin people who have zero charisma and only shine in a conversation through paralyzing silence.

And yet there is this pseudo-superiority of the slim, which can certainly be viewed critically. 

"If you're brave, you can even say out loud - Hey, wait a minute!"


Because maybe there are plausible reasons why someone is overweight. As always in life, you only see a tiny part of the other person's face and cannot conclude from this what triggers the additional kilos. 

It's not always the case that it's the food.

On the contrary - many people who carry a few extra pounds around with them try desperately to get rid of them. But if it were that easy, there wouldn't be millions of overweight people. Many of them have reduced their metabolism to such an extent over the years through permanent dieting that it only runs on the back burner. Even if they then eat half of what lean people eat, they won't lose weight. Even daily sports sessions don't change that. Thank God medicine is now aware of this phenomenon and even doctors can no longer avoid really dealing with overweight patients. The mere request “lose a few kilos!” is, thank God, outdated today.


But apart from "the fat ones", who are stuck in a diet cycle without finding a way out, there are many other overweight people who cannot be thin for other reasons. lipoedema and the treatment of various diseases Cortisone

or antidepressants are just two medical causes of unwanted pounds. In both cases, those affected can turn on their heads, diet until the doctor comes (literally) and exercise until they lose consciousness. None of this will significantly change your obesity.

But hey, who cares? From a purely visual point of view, they are just thick - IGIT!

...and we are all the same!

From the outside, you can't see why someone is the way they are - fat or thin, and yet being overweight is stigmatized. Far too many people are never celebrated for their greatness, but simply reduced to their weight and often viewed as inferior. Far too many overweight people are simply overlooked.

Only when you're famous like Adele, is no longer spoken of “the fat singer”, but let's be honest when you look at the articles in Gala, Grazia and Hello! looks, even now that the singer has reinvented herself, it's still all about her weight. 

The army of successful overweight people is impressive

Adele was just one of many overweight people who did great things. Next to her there are and were heavyweights who built corporations and then sold them for billions; and fat people who successfully carry on family empires, or celebrated filmmakers with overweight. Even the most famous Talkmaster of all time is an example of that JoJo phenomenon.

There are big bestseller authors, Hollywood stars and artists and I myself also know of countless unknown overweight people who do a good job, are wonderful parents and are committed to the common good. They are a rock in the surf for many - although they do not belong to the light ones... 

All of these people have most certainly been referred to as "the fat one," "the pug," or much worse at some point. As if it were a label that says something about the competence or cordiality of the person. 

And I ask you, "how hurtful and stupid is that, please?" 

“You can see being overweight. Unfortunately, stupidity and other lack of character are not.”


It has always been a mystery to me, with what ignorance and arrogance judgments are made about people because they have a few or even a lot of kilos too much on their ribs. In fact, they should be admired!

These people achieve something that people of normal weight cannot fathom. A woman or a man who is 20 kg overweight is constantly carrying around two large filled buckets, with every single step, with every single action. 

Anyone who cleans now and then knows how heavy a damn thing is. If there are even two or more at once - all respect!

Many slim people would probably be tired if they had such a load in their luggage 24/7 - when climbing stairs, sprinting if they still want to catch the train, or jogging in the park and even lifting weights in the gym. But fat people can't just leave these buckets at home or lock them in the locker when doing sports. No, they always have them with them.

This burden is heavy

...regardless of whether it is self-inflicted or due to some medical disposition. Condescension is totally misplaced here, and it also poses a great danger to thin people who can afford it.

They underestimate the overweight and what they create! 

Many slim people can no longer manage the normal obligatory program of life, while there are also many overweight people who achieve outstanding things despite the buckets they carry around with them. A fantastic example is Jamie Kern Lima.

She was an average American woman with major issues who decided to develop makeup that would reliably cover them up. Together with her husband she achieved this goal and then started to build up a company. The whole thing started very slowly and it took Jamie incredible strength not to give up. She suffered a particularly bad blow when a potential investor told her, “Your product is great and has a lot of potential. Still, we won't invest in her because, to be honest, I don't think other women would buy makeup from someone with their overweight and looks." 


To shorten the story - Jamie Kern Lima was not discouraged and kept fighting for years. She built an empire that she sold to L'Oreal for $1.3 billion in her early 40s. The story is sensational and can be read everywhere, for example in her book "Believe it“, or simply on the Internet at It cosmetics… 

And everyone is talking about body positivity

The whole thing was not long ago and body positivity should actually already have been known to potential investors. Actually, he should have questioned his assessment and condescension from the start. Because thinking you're better than someone else because you're skinny is the biggest fallacy of all time.


I myself was never really thin, even when I was slim, when I weighed 63 kg, I was told "well, unfortunately you're not very thin". I was young, inexperienced and embarrassed then. Today I would answer "Why unfortunately?"

The guy who told me that was a mechanic and now, more than thirty years later, I wonder if I shouldn't feel sorry for him - he's still a mechanic in a small workshop and his biggest highlight is an annual holiday at the campsite where he talks with a beer belly about how cool he used to be.

I, on the other hand, used these thirty years differently and, despite being overweight, accomplished and achieved a lot. My weight - sometimes more, sometimes less - has not prevented me from working successfully and internationally entrepreneur being, raising wonderful children, traveling to China more than 50 times published author to realize several painting exhibitions (one in the European Parliament under the patronage of the Vice-President) and a lot more.

And yet, for example, one of my daughters was advised by my ex-father-in-law to always stay nice and thin. After all, you can only be successful as a woman. 

It's not surprising that he's my EX father-in-law, is it? After all, I also survived the ex and all his attacks...

With that in mind, I'll end with a simple "Beauty comes in many shapes" and advise you all - regardless of whether you are fat or thin - never to believe that you are superior to another person. 

The world needs you and me and him and her - whether we wear XS or 3 XL.

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