Trudy Cos

With gratitude to success... what exactly does that mean?

My life has many facets - I am an entrepreneur with a business that has taken me to the other side of the world for 20 years. I also did training as a quantum coach and as a Feng Shui consultant. I write crime and fantasy novels that are now being published. But my most important job was and is being a mother. Even though my children are now adults, this task is the greatest gift and the greatest challenge of all, because it allows me to grow and pass something on.

About 15 years ago, I almost sunk into misery with my family, but thanks to my unshakable faith and a wonderful husband, I have met gratitude. With her, our life stabilized and took a 180 degree turn. 

"It's unbelievable what you've already experienced," I hear again and again and experience on Instagram how many people want to know ... why I'm so balanced (and my family rightly claims the opposite) ... why I've been to China more than 50 times was... how I haven't lost my mind even after twenty years in the fashion business... and how I get the strength to know that even in the most hopeless situations, something will always save us.

I will share the answers, my recipes for success and future plans (which will take us abroad) with you in this blog. I will do my best to touch, inspire, encourage and entertain you and look forward to our togetherness.

Eure Trudy