Supposed Easter in England

Easter in England    Unfortunately not in 2021

Easter is always a very special time for us. Since we fast, Easter marks the end of a time for us in which we do without some things. In my family, it's up to everyone what they "rest" from for 40 days. Since I no longer drink alcohol myself, this is not a renunciation for me, instead I fast on sweets, cakes, etc.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn't drink alcohol, and our grown children renounce sweet drinks, social media, or whatever.

I come from a family in which the Lent was practiced for religious reasons and I have kept it that way for myself. Only today I no longer fast because of religion, but because I have discovered how good it is to do without.


When you go without, you discipline yourself, which brings pride and satisfaction. Nevertheless, we always feverishly await the end of this time and imagine for weeks what we will eat, drink and do when Lent is over 😊.

Usually this moment coincides for us with a trip to England, where we welcome spring in Windsor and just have a good time again. 

Wonderful what we do then!

We go for a walk (hopefully in the sunshine) at the Thames and watch the countless swans that do their thing there. Anyone who has read MORD IN WINDSOR will find out on the first page why you have to be careful with them ...

Schwäne in Windsor

Sometimes we go on a boat trip there and always get excited about the most picturesque river bank I know. We stroll along the castle and admire the countless daffodils that sprout from the ground on the green spaces around the castle.

Windsor Castle

On Saturdays we enjoy the stalls with unusual food that are set up along the entire Peascod Street. In one pub or another, my husband has an ale and I have a non-alcoholic beer and we treat ourselves to a couple of nibbles.

Pub in Windsor

Sure enough, on one of the Easter days we go to the Castle Hotel, where a fantastic Hightea is served. In addition to scones, clotted cream and cucumber sandwiches, there are then also the typical English hot cross buns. These are yeast buns with raisins and various spices, which are cut in the shape of a cross and bear, for example, a sugar icing cross.

In our favorite café Esquires Coffee  right across from the Castle entrance we treat ourselves to a Simnel Cake, which is also traditionally offered at Easter in England from the second half of Lent. It is a fruit cake decorated with 11 marzipan balls, which symbolize the apostles without Judas. From there we usually watch changing the guards. 

High Tea

A long walk will certainly lead us to the Fox & Hounds in Engelfield, where not only dogs are welcome, but also feed baskets and fastening rings for horses in the beer garden and attract many riders.

Beagle im Fox & Hounds

With everything we indulge in, it goes without saying that we do the almost 10 kilometers of the Long Walk every day 😊

copper Horse

What a treat!

This Easter Brake is a very important break for us and a source of calm and inspiration, but unfortunately not feasible this year either. Already in 2020 we had to forego Lockdown to a certain extent, in 2021 it doesn't look any better - what a shame, a shame, a shame!

Nevertheless, there is no reason to complain, because we live a wonderful life here and will instead organize our Easter program in beautiful Düsseldorf 😊:

On Friday we will eat salmon with spinach in puff pastry, nicely shaped like a fish (photos will follow on Instagram). On Easter Saturday, my youngest daughter and I will bake a yeast plait. My father used to do that at Easter when i was a child. Today, however, we vary it - we add Nutella to one of the three yeast dough strands, which makes the whole thing even tastier (and richer).


For this occasion we got a special mobile phone tripod because we are going to film the baking for my Youtube channel Ms. Truth on Tour (info will follow).

Of course there will be an Easter bunny for the (adult) children and colorful eggs will not be missing from our Easter breakfast.


Instead of going on the Thames, we will go for a walk on the Rhine and hopefully be able to marvel at the blue ribbon in the sunshine. These are millions of blue crocuses that bloom along the promenade on the Rhine meadows.

Blaues Band Düsseldorf

We will work in the garden and look forward to beautiful moments there, while we certainly think wistfully of Windsor a time or two.

But whether Windsor or Düsseldorf - we have countless reasons to be thankful and wish you all Happy Easter.


Your Trudy Cos



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